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24 August 2016, Wednesday

Wedding Wines: How Many Bottles?

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

It’s a special day and there’s no better way to celebrate with loved ones than the perfect bottle (bottles) of wine. When it comes to weddings though, the scale of a typical guest list naturally demands that the ideal wine be a perfect marriage of quality and a price that fits the budget.

However, before determining your budget, it’s necessary to first make a good estimate of the number of bottles needed.

A general rule of thumb would be: Number of bottles required=(Number of hours x Number of guests)/5 glasses. Easy-peasy right?

But wait. Like so many things in life, things aren’t quite as simple as they seem. There are other factors that come into play, that might require you to adjust your estimate.

Wedding wines how many bottles do we need

Who are your guests?

First, consider your guests. For instance, are many of them families with children? If so, you might want to dial back the number of bottles to get. On the other hand, if your guests happen to be a more spirited bunch (see what I did there), then you’ll have to budget for more to ensure that your guests have a good time.

How much alcohol is in your wine?

As good hosts, I'm sure that most of us want our guests to consume responsibly and drive back safely. So an important factor to consider would be the alcohol content of your wine of choice.

If the alcohol content is lower (4-7%), it’s best to make room for more bottles.
If alcohol content is higher (13-15% or more), then the pour for each person can be smaller and thus less bottles needed.

Are there any competing drinks?
Also, if you’re offering other alcoholic drinks such as beer, things get complicated as you’ll have to make an educated guess as to how many would go for either beer or wine.

If you’re still unsure of how much wine to get, B°NU offers wine on a consignment basis where you can return your excess and unopened bottles of wine after the event. To find out more, drop us a line for a free consultation.

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